ANavS has a wide experience of satellite and inertial navigation. In our products, we have developed and integrated the following technologies and methods:

Highest precision through GNSS carrier phase ambiguity resolution:

  • Precise modeling of GNSS observables and receiver dynamics
  • Patented precise synchronization of multiple GNSS receivers
  • Estimation of absolute position, velocity, acceleration, attitude, angular rates, single and double difference ambiguities, code multipath parameters and inertial sensor biases with GNSS/ INS sensor fusion
  • Patented carrier phase integer ambiguity resolution with tree search and soft baseline length and attitude constraints
  • Precise positioning (RTK): relative positioning with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Precise attitude determination: heading estimation with 0.25°/m accuracy
  • Estimation of a code multipath parameter for each satellite to enable precise position and attitude determination in environments with limited GNSS signal reception
  • Integration of measurements from a reference station for absolute position determination with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Adaptive estimation of noise statistics from measurements

Highest reliability through GNSS/ INS sensor fusion:

  • Tight coupling of GNSS and INS measurements with extended Kalman filter
  • Reliable detection and correction of GNSS cycle slips with inertial measurements
  • Estimation of accelerometer and gyroscope biases in GNSS/ INS tight coupling
  • RAIM: detection and exclusion of faulty pseudoranges or
    orbital data through subset solutions
  • Integrity check: validation of each state parameter

Efficient software implementation

  • Modularized software
  • Sensor fusion interface (SFI): standardized input/ output interface
  • Sensor fusion: support and integration of sensors with different data rates
  • Real-time processing and post-processing


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