Snowsense stations in full operation in Newfoundland

ANavS has visited its Snowsense stations for maintenance in Newfoundland, Canada, in early April, 2018. The Snowsense stations are determining the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) solely based on GPS measurements. Each station is equipped with a mast system carrying the solar cells and a ruggedized casing including two GNSS receivers, a processor for determining the snow parameters, an Iridium satellite communication module for wireless transmission of the snow parameters in remote locations, a power management unit and a battery pack.

Snowsense station at Millertown, Newfoundland, Canada

The electronics of the Snowsense station: the processing board including the Iridium satellite communication module, the charge controller unit, the GNSS receiver modules and the battery pack are all included in a ruggedized casing.

Snow station at Sandy Lake near Deer Lake, Newfoundland, Canada

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