RTCM Station


Establish your own Reference Network

To get centimeter accuracy for your application, you need correction data from a static base station (RTCM Station). ANavS® provides RTCM Stations with additional benefits for your positioning solution.

Corrections with Multi-GNSS, Multi Frequency

  • GPS (L1C/A, L2C)
  • Galileo (E1B/C, E5b)
  • Beidou (B1I, B2I)

Standard Data Transmission

  • NTRIP:
    Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol is the standard industrial way to transfer GNSS corrections via internet
  • Standard RTCM3 messages


  • barometer data to get differential height information for your rover

Standalone Setup


  • Mobile communication service
  • Iridium communiction service
  • Solar power supply

Why should I use the ANavS® RTCM Base Station instead of another correction service?

  • The ANavS® RTK correction-data matches perfectly to the used receivers on our Multi-Sensor RTK Module. Due to canceling out all receiver specific errors, this ensures the best RTK performance.
  • The ANavS® RTCM Base Station sends correction data for all constellations and also barometer-measurements for a differential height information in our sensor fusion.
  • Build-up your own Reference Station Network with our free of charge ANavS® Cloud Solution
  • The ANavS RTCM-station is configurable as an autarkic station, which is important in areas without infrastructure.
  • You have only some initial costs and no  monthly fees to pay.
  • When RTCM Base Station is accessing ANavS® servers, we provide service to calibrate a highly accurate position to your station