Joint attitude and position determination

ANavS ultra-precise position and attitude determination systems provide a 3D position information with an accuracy of a few centimeters and a 3D attitude (heading, pitch, roll) information with an accuracy of 0.25°/m. Our systems can be used for both static and kinematic applications, e.g. for surveying, for construction engineering, for driver assistance systems, for ship navigation (e.g. for driving through narrow waterways and landing in harbors), for autonomous driving (of cars, robots, etc.), for quadrocopters (e.g. for navigation or precise alignment of cameras), for precise positioning in sports, or for any other application with the need of a precise and reliable position and attitude information.

Joint attitude and position determination

Hardware configuration

Each system includes two ANavS sensor modules, a (virtual) reference station and a processing module with ANavS precise position and attitude determination software. The position and attitude information is provided through a WLAN access point, bluetooth or an internet connection. The ANavS sensor modules have a very small size and weight. The size of a GNSS-only sensor module corresponds to a match box and the size of a GNSS/ INS sensor module corresponds to a credit card. We are using low-cost patch antennas, which also have a much smaller size and weight than conventional geodetic antennas. Our multi-sensor modules include a GNSS receiver, a GNSS antenna, an inertial sensor, a bluetooth module, a bluetooth antenna and a USB connector. Thus, the system can be operated either with easy-to-use USB connectors or completely wire-free.

We are offering the following hardware configurations for a wide range of applications:


Static RTK-based
position and attitude determination
Kinematic RTK-based
position and attitude determination
Local area coverage
Global coverage
Static RTK position and
attitude determination
Kinematic RTK position and
attitude determination
local coverage
global coverage
local coverage
global coverage

Sensor configuration

GNSS sensor        
Inertial sensor        

Reference station type

ANavS reference station module        
Virtual Reference Station        

Data output rate

Moderate (5 Hz)        
High (100 Hz)        

Internet connection on processing module

Internet connection

Data link sensor module ↔ processing module

Serial (USB) connection        
Bluetooth connection        

Output interface type

Serial (USB)        
Wireless (Wi-Fi)        

GPS antenna integration

On-board antenna        
External antenna        

Power supply of sensor module

Internal battery-powered        
External power source (USB)        
Extended power level
(3 V – 24 V)

 Precise position and attitude determination software

The precise static position and attitude information is obtained through our RTK carrier phase positioning with ANavS patented integer ambiguity resolution method. We estimate a code multipath parameter for each satellite, and detect and correct cycle slips to obtain a precise position and attitude information also in environments with limited satellite availability. The tight coupling of GNSS with INS enables a high output rate for dynamic applications and a seamless position and attitude information in areas with and without GNSS signal reception.

Software licenses

ANavS precise position and attitude solutions are also available as software licenses. We offer a standardized input/ output interface. We take the particularities of low-cost GNSS receivers (single frequency, lack of synchronization, frequent half/ full cycle slips, code multipath of tens of meters) into account to provide a centimeter-level accuracy. An efficient Kalman filter implementation sets very low demands on the processing power and memory.

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