ANavS RTK Software

The ANavS RTK software provides ultra-precise position and attitude information.

Key features:

  • Precise positioning:
    horizontal accuracy: 0.015 m + 1 ppm (1 sigma)
    vertical accuracy: 0.030 m + 1 ppm (1 sigma)
  • Precise attitude (heading, pitch, roll):
    sigma = 0.025° for 10 m distance between both GNSS antennas
    sigma = 0.25° for 1 m distance between both GNSS antennas
    sigma = 1.25° for 0.2 m distance between both GNSS antennas
  • Fast RTK fixing with Multi-GNSS (GPS + GLONASS + Galileo) and
    joint position and attitude determination
  • High reliability with GNSS/ INS Tight Coupling
  • Access to all raw data (GNSS, INS, barometer)

Easy installation and configuration:

  • ANavS Wizard for easy installation and configuration
  • ANavS GUI for performance analysis in real-time and post-processing
  • Real-time implementation on ANavS processing module
  • Easy installation on Windows and Linux desktop or Laptop
  • Support of NMEA standard for position and attitude output

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