Presentation of ANavS precise RTK positioning system at Navis Centre

ANavS has presented its precise RTK positioning system at the Navis Center in Hanoi, Vietnam, on June 19 – 23, 2017. The presentation included several test drives in Hanoi. The following figures show the obtained excellent performance. The test was supported by the BELS project (Building Links between Europe and South-East Asia).

Track of test drive in Hanoi with ANavS RTK positioning system. The figure also shows the location of the ANavS reference station.

Initialization of ANavS Multi-Sensor RTK positioning system: A centimeter-level accuracy is obtained by the ANavS RTK fixing.

An excellent performance was also obtained in challenging environments with skyscrapers. The figure shows both the ANavS Multi-Sensor RTK solution and the traditional GNSS-only based single point positioning solution.


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