Multi-Sensor RTK Module


Multi-Sensor Fusion on a single Board

The Multi-Sensor RTK-Module (MSRTK) includes up to three Multi-Constellation, Multi-Frequency GNSS receivers for a highly accurate and reliable position and attitude determination. Additional sensors like IMU and barometer are already equipped on our MSRTK board. Other sensors can be easily connected through our interfaces CAN, Ethernet, UART and USB.

Centimeter Accuracy

  • Precise absolute positioning:
    horizontal accuracy: sigma = 0.015 m
    vertical accuracy: sigma = 0.030 m
  • Precise absolute attitude (heading, pitch, roll):
    sigma = 0.25° for 1 m distance between the GNSS antennas


High number of interfaces

  • Ethernet
  • WLAN
  • USB
  • CAN
  • LTE
  • UART

Breakthrough price

Multi-GNSS, Multi Frequency RTK

  • GPS (L1C/A, L2C)
  • Galileo (E1B/C, E5b)
  • Beidou (B1I, B2I)
  • QZSS (L1C/A, L2C)

Small form factor and Low Weight

  • Dimension:
    110mm x 80mm x 30 mm
  • Weight: 50g


Easy system integration

Power supply:

  • USB-C 5V
  • Terminal connector < 24V

Solution output:

  • Standardized NMEA format
  • Proprietary ANavS binary format


The ANavS® sensor fusion technology delivers a 3D-Position, 3D-Attitude, 3D-Velocity and 3D acceleration with an update-rate of up to 140 Hz.

Depending on the additionally used sensors (IMU, Vehicle Data, Camera, Lidar, LPS) in our framework, signal shading (tunnels, urban canyons, trees, etc.) can be bridged without loss of high-precision position and attitude information due to the sensor fusion.