Recording Datasets for Postprocessing

The following guide describes the steps for recording MSRTK sensor data and RTCM-Basestation data simultanously for postprocessing. This step is necessary, for example if no reliable WiFi or mobile-network connection can be estabilshed and realtime requirement is not important.


Recording MSRTK module sensor data

To enable saving sensor data of the MSRTK module, one have to check the option “Save raw-data” in step 8 of the ANavS® Wizard (fig. 1). Depending on how you start the sensor fusion on the MSRTK module, the raw data is saved on your Laptop and/or MSRTK module. You have two options.

Figure 1: Enable saving raw data on MSRTK Module

Option 1: Starting sensor fusion with the ANavS Wizard
If you are starting the sensor fusion per Wizard, you have to check the option “Save raw-data” as shown in figure 1. After clicking the start-button, the sensor raw data is stored on the MSRTK module during the processing (Path: /share/PAD/output_data). As soon as you click on the Stop button, the raw-data is transfered from the MSRTK module to your Laptop/PC (Path: <Installtion-Folder-Wizard>/ANavS_Wizard\ANavS_PAD\output_data). Now you have the raw-data available for postprocessing.

Option 2: Enable autostart of sensor fusion on the MSRTK module
One problem of option 1 is, that the processing of sensor fusion and also the transmission of raw-data from MSRTK module to your Laptop/PC breaks if you lose the connection to your MSRTK module. To avoid this problem, one has the option to enable the autostart functionality “Enable Autostart of RTK Service” in step 8 of the ANavS® Wizard (fig. 1). To prepare the MSRTK module to perform the autostart with the last configuration after every reboot, one have to start the sensor fusion with checked “Enable Autostart of RTK Service”. After some seconds, stop the sensor fusion with the Wizard and the MSRTK Module is enabled with the autostart functionalty. From now on, the MSRTK module is doing the sensor fusion after every reboot and stores the raw sensor data (Path: /share/PAD/output_data).


Recording RTCM Basestation correction data

To enable saving correction data of the RTCM Basestation, one have to check the option “Save raw-data” in step 4 of the ANavS® Wizard (fig. 2). Please be connected with a Laptop to the RTCM Basestation and let the calibration run as long as you are processing the sensor fusion on the MSRTK module.

Figure 2: Enable saving raw data on MSRTK Module


Important for recording datasets

* Please be sure that you record data of your MSRTK module and of the RTCM Basestation roughly of the same time (+/-30 sec). The precise synchronisation of sensor data happens later in postprocessing.
* Since you are not able to do sensor fusion in realtime, you have no information if the RTK and Attitude fix for highly precise solution can be already performed in postprocessing. For this reason, please wait a sufficient time for starting movement (Recommendation: minimum 3 minutes to be sure).
* During the calibration-step of the RTCM Basestation, no broadcasting of correction-data of this RTCM Basestation happens.


Postprocessing stored datasets

ANavS will provide a portal on the website for uploading your datasets, postprocessing and performing the sensor fusion in re-live. In the meanwhile, please send us your datasets per file-link and we deliver the solution files for you.