On this page, we have collected information for you about launching our systems.
If your problem is not yet listed here, please write us at support@anavs.de.


The GNSS-antennas are not recognized of the ANavS Wizard:
Step 1: The GNSS-antennas must be connected to the appropriate SMA-connectors. Please prove your GNSS-antenna connections.
Step 2: Update your module to the latest version with the ANavS Wizard.
Step 3: If you are using GNSS-antennas which were not included in the delivery, the check could fail. Please contact the ANavS-support for a patch.


4G (Mobile Network) is not working:
Step 1: Be patient. The dial-up process could take 2-3 minutes after starting the module
Step 2: Check if a SIM-Card is inserted
Step 3: Check if the 4G-antenna is screwed on
Step 4: The dialing process to 4G-provider failed. Restart the 4G-module with the ANavS-Wizard or reboot the module with power off/power on


There is no solution visible in the GUI:
Step 1: Please check your GNSS-Antennas. Antenna 1+2+3 must be screwed on according the casing. For example, if you use only one antenna, screw antenna to “GNSS 1”, signed on the casing.
Step 2: The antennas should be placed outside or in the near of a window. At the beginning of the sensor fusion, the system needs some GNSS-signals to get a precise timebase for all sensordata.


The WiFi Access-Point of the MSRTK or RTCM module is not showing up:
Step 1: Please check the power supply. A power supply is required that can provide at least 2.0A of peak output current.