ANavS® Wizard

The ANavS® Wizard is the Graphical-User-Interface (GUI) for configuring the hardware, to  visualize the raw-data and the sensor fusion solution with all estimated parameters.
How to use this program is explained in the article Getting Started Guide: MSRTK Module and Getting Started Guide: RTCM Base Station.

System Requirements

The following minimum requirements should be fulfilled:
Processor: Intel®Core™ i5 with 1.60GHz or comparable processors
RAM: minimum 4 GB
System type: 64-Bit architecture
Hard-Disk space: minimum 500 MB



Version Release Date Windows-Installer Linux-Installer Release Notes Comments
5.1.4 16.10.2019 Wizard_win_v5.1.4 Wizard_unix_v5.1.4
5.1.3 10.10.2019 Wizard_win_v5.1.3 Wizard_unix_v5.1.3 Integration of different update channels for ANavS modules (STABLE and BETA update branches)
5.1.1 04.09.2019 Wizard_win_v5.1.1 Additional setting options (CAN, 4G, etc.)
4.1.4 29.01.2019 Wizard_win_v4.1.4 Wizard_unix_v4.1.4 Initial MSRTK-Wizard

Previous versions included different/old hardware. Please contact us if you need previous versions.



  • Download the latest ANavS® online installer for your suitable OS from the above download-area
  • Unzip and double click the installer executable file and follow the installation wizard step-by-step
  • Once it is finished, the installer displays an option to run the ANavS®-Wizard after completion. If you choose this, the application should start immediately. Otherwise you have to navigate to your installation-destination and run the ANavS_Wizard-executable. Besides, it’s also important to start the software with admin-rights or to give the software the rights if asked for it. The ANavS® Wizard is always proving for new published versions after starting the software.