Integrated Sensor Platform (ISP)


Integrated Sensor Platform for Autonomous driving


The Integrated Sensor Platform (ISP) of ANavS includes a large variety of sensors in a single platform: 3 Multi-Frequency, Multi-Constellation GNSS receivers, an industrial-grade IMU, a CAN interface for wheel odometry data, a barometer, two cameras, and a 3D LiDAR are all integrated into a single platform for easy and fast installation. The first camera provides images at very high frame rates with a global shutter. The second camera is a stereo camera with an integrated visual-inertial odometry. The 3D LiDAR point cloud data are processed by the ANavS SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to obtain precise position and attitude information. Moreover, semantic maps are determined by deep learning and further used to enhance the SLAM performance. The GNSS, INS and odometry data are tightly coupled in the ANavS sensor fusion, which is further enhanced by the position and attitude information obtained from the camera and LiDAR SLAMs.

Multi-GNSS, Multi Frequency RTK/PPP

  • Precise absolute RTK positioning:
    horizontal accuracy:
    sigma = 1.0 cm
    vertical accuracy:
    sigma = 2.0 cm
  • Precise absolute PPP positioning:
    horizontal accuracy:
    sigma = 15 cm
    vertical accuracy:
    sigma = 20 cm
  • Precise absolute attitude (heading, pitch, roll):
    sigma = 0.25° for 1 m distance
    between the GNSS antennas



  • 3D- Lidar equipment
  • Online/Offline Map-Building and Localization
  • On request, integration of customer used Lidar-System


  • Using Stereo-Camera
  • Using Color-Camera with high frame-rate and global shutter
  • Visual-Inertial Odometry
  • Online/Offline Map-Building and Localization
  • On request, integration of customer used Camera

Inertial Sensor

  • 3D-Gyroscope, 3D-Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Barometer, Thermometer
  • High data-rate (up to 100Hz)
  • industrial-grade IMU
  • On request, integration of customer used IMU (e.g. tactical-grade IMU)

Vehicle Data

  • Using Odometry / Steering / Lane-Detection information
  • Timestamps for customer’s vehicle-data by the ANavS framework
  • Supported Interfaces: CAN, Ethernet, UART


Easy system integration

Power supply:

  • Terminal connector with 12V

Solution output:

  • Standardized NMEA format
  • Proprietary ANavS binary format
  • ROS


The patented ANavS® tightly coupled sensor fusion provides real-time 3D-position, 3D-attitude (heading, pitch, roll), 3D-velocity and 3D acceleration information with an update-rate of up to 140 Hz.

The new Integrated Sensor Platform (ISP) stands for the combination of classical sensor fusion with artificial intelligence algorithms for autonomous driving, map creation and object detection/classification and includes all necessary sensors in combination with powerful processors:

  • Multi-GNSS, Multi-Frequency, Multi-Antenna setup
  • Inertial Sensors
  • Cameras
  • 3D-LiDAR