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Snowsense stations in full operation in Newfoundland

ANavS has visited its Snowsense stations for maintenance in Newfoundland, Canada, in early April, 2018. The Snowsense stations are determining the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) solely based on GPS measurements. Each station is equipped with a mast system carrying the solar cells and a ruggedized casing including two GNSS receivers, a processor for determining the snow parameters, an Iridium satellite communication module for wireless transmission of the snow parameters in remote locations, a power management unit and a battery pack.

Snowsense station at Millertown, Newfoundland, Canada

The electronics of the Snowsense station: the processing board including the Iridium satellite communication module, the charge controller unit, the GNSS receiver modules and the battery pack are all included in a ruggedized casing.

Snow station at Sandy Lake near Deer Lake, Newfoundland, Canada

Successful testing of ANavS RTK positioning with Rohde & Schwarz SMW 200A Vector Signal Generator

ANavS has extensively tested its Multi-GNSS Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning software with the Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A vector signal generator and its integrated GNSS simulator. A successful RTK fix with centimeter-level positioning accuracy was reliably obtained within a few seconds even for simulated strong multipath conditions.

Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A Vector Signal Generator connected to two ANavS GNSS receiver modules


The INTERGEO is an international Congress and Trade fair for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management. It takes place in Berlin between 26.09. and 28.09.2017.
ANavS is having a booth at INTERGEO at

Halle 3.1, Stand A3.069

for presenting its latest product develops.
Contact us at for arranging an appointment with our representatives.



Kick-Start Activity on Multi-GNSS, Multi-Sensor RTK Positioning for Automated Road Transport

The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched a new call for Kick-Start activities in 2017. Kick-start Activities are designated to enable companies to undertake compact Feasibility Studies that explore new service and application concepts which make use of space capabilities. The activities are funded at 75 %, with ESA providing up to € 60,000 per contract.
ANavS has received a contract on its proposal on “Multi-GNSS, Multi-Sensor RTK Positioning for Automated Road Transport”.

Presentation of ANavS precise RTK positioning system at Navis Centre

ANavS has presented its precise RTK positioning system at the Navis Center in Hanoi, Vietnam, on June 19 – 23, 2017. The presentation included several test drives in Hanoi. The following figures show the obtained excellent performance. The test was supported by the BELS project (Building Links between Europe and South-East Asia).

Track of test drive in Hanoi with ANavS RTK positioning system. The figure also shows the location of the ANavS reference station.

Initialization of ANavS Multi-Sensor RTK positioning system: A centimeter-level accuracy is obtained by the ANavS RTK fixing.

An excellent performance was also obtained in challenging environments with skyscrapers. The figure shows both the ANavS Multi-Sensor RTK solution and the traditional GNSS-only based single point positioning solution.


Alexander Dobrindt meets ANavS at transport logistic

The transport logistic is the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management, and acts as the business platform and driving force behind the global logistics and transport industry. The German Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Alexander Dobrindt, visited the transport logistic and met the managing director of ANavS, Dr. Patrick Henkel.

Alexander Dobrindt and Dr. Patrick Henkel at transport logistic:

ANavS booth with Dr. Patrick Henkel and Markus Lamm:


ANavS at transport logistic trade fair 09.-12.05.2017

ANavS offers a breakthrough solution for position and attitude determination with centimeter-accuracy and minimum weight and size. The system includes a multi-GNSS receiver for receiving GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), a camera and a barometer. The tightly coupled sensor fusion allows a precise solution even in challenging conditions.
Applications: vehicular navigation (ADAS), UAVs, maritime navigation, geodesy, environmental monitoring, …

Visit ANavS at Hall 5B, Booth 315/414.

Fahrerassistenzsysteme 2016: real-time RTK demonstration

The conference “Kooperationsforum Fahrerassistenzsysteme” took place at the Stadthalle of Aschaffenburg on May 12. ANavS made a live demonstration of its real-time RTK positioning system, i.e. the position and attitude of a model train were determined with three ANavS multi-sensor modules with centimeter accuracy in front of the beautiful castle “Johannesburg”.


Link: Fahrerassistenzsysteme 2016