Sensor Fusion Platform

Customizable Platform for the next
generation of Positioning and Navigation

Multi-GNSS, Multi Frequency RTK/PPP

  • Up to 3 multi-GNSS, multi-frequency receivers
  • Precise absolute RTK positioning:
    horizontal accuracy: sigma = 0.01 m
    vertical accuracy: sigma = 0.02 m
  • Precise absolute PPP positioning:
    horizontal accuracy: sigma = 0.15 m
    vertical accuracy: sigma = 0.20 m
  • Precise absolute attitude (heading, pitch, roll):
    sigma = 0.25° for 1 m distance between the GNSS antennas

Inertial Sensor

  • 3D-Gyroscope, 3D-Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Barometer, Thermometer
  • High data-rate (up to 140Hz)
  • Electively consumer-grade or industrial-grade IMU
  • On request, integration of customer used IMU (e.g. tactical-grade IMU)

Vehicle Data

  • Using Odometry / Steering / Lane-Detection information
  • Timestamps for customer’s vehicle-data by the ANavS framework
  • Supported Interfaces: CAN, Ethernet, UART

Computer Vision

  • Using Monocular- or Stereo-Cameras
  • Visual-Inertial Odometry
  • Online/Offline Map-Building and Localization
  • On request, integration of customer used Camera

Local Positioning System

  • For partially Indoor-Navigation or extremely poor GNSS-visibility
  • Especially for Robotic Solutions
  • On request, integration of customer used LPS


  • Electively 2D- or 3D- Lidar equipment
  • Velocity information for better performance in regions with GNSS-outages
  • Online/Offline semantic Map-Building and Localization
  • On request, integration of customer used Lidar-System


The next Generation of Positioning and Navigation for mass-market applications requires affordable hardware-costs and accuracy in all situations with highest reliability. This can’t be done with only single sensor-solutions. The ANavS® Multi-Sensor fusion with its tight-coupling technology brings these requirements for new autonomous solutions together.

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Our solutions are used in Automotive, Robotic, Maritime, UAV and Surveying applications. Each customer application needs a different sensor setup. ANavS® assists and advises the customer to obtain the perfect solution.

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With our configurator you can customize your system for your project requirements. Start your quote and we are able to make you an offer best suited for your visions

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