ANavS – Advanced Navigation Solutions

ANavS is providing position and attitude solutions with centimeter-level accuracy
A fast RTK fixing is achieved by using 3 constellations (GPS + GLONASS + Galileo) and our patented RTK fixing. Our tight coupling of GNSS and INS ensures a reliable solution also in areas with limited satellite visibility.

The ANavS multi-sensor modules include 6 sensors (multi-constellation GNSS receiver, 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer, barometer, thermometer), an internal GNSS antenna, three communication interfaces (USB, bluetooth, UART) and a processor.

The low weight of only 20 g and the small size of only 80 mm x 52 mm make our system attractive for UAVs and many other applications.

ANavS Multi-Sensor ModuleANavS Multi-Sensor Module (board) 

ANavS is providing geodetic accuracy at an affordable price.
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Price-accuracy Plot
Our solutions are used in automotive, maritime and machine steering applications but can be used also in any other application with the need of a precise and reliable position and/ or attitude information.