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Precise attitude determination

A GPS-based system for precise attitude determination, such as the orientation of a platform with respect to a local geodedic frame (heading, elevation and bank angles) is offered. In kinematic scenarios, the reliability can be augmented with help of an inertial sensor. Our system uses a patented technique to determine this parameters using two low-cost GNSS receivers. For more information, please visit the specific product page.

Precise position determination

A GPS-INS based system for precise position determination. In dynamic environments with poor sky visibility, the reliability can be augmented with help of an inertial sensor. The absolute position accuracy can be enhanced by employing real-time kinematics (RTK) techniques. For more information, please visit the specific product page.

Joint attitude and position determination

A complete system for joint position and attitude determination is offered. The system can be upgraded with an inertial sensor to improve reliability also in kinematic applications, such as automotive. Precise attitude determination is guaranteed with our patented technique. The absolute position accuracy can be enhanced by employing real-time kinematics techniques. For more information, please visit the specific product page.

Our advantages

ANavS offers several precise position and attitude determination solutions.
There are multiple advantages over state-of-the-art mass-market and geodetic GNSS receivers:

  • High accuracy
  • High output rate
  • Very small size,
    wearable technology
  • Very low weight
  • Very low hardware costs


Product features comparison


Attitude determination
Position determination
Joint Attitude and
position determination
Static applications
Kinematic applications
and attitude


High-precision attitude            

Absolute position

locally precise (use of proprietary base station)            
globally precise (need of internet connection)            

High reliability

in static environments (GPS-only solution)            
in dynamic environments (use of inertial sensor)            

Integrity information

Attitude ambiguity fixing            
RTK ambiguity fixing            
Phase/Code residuals            

Hardware setup

Sensor hardware

We offer a self-developed multi-sensor module, which is capable to track and process several signal inputs of multiple sensors, such as those coming from a GNSS antenna or an inertial sensor. The board also provides synchronized temporal information for each processed sample.

Processing hardware

We have developed our own base-station, where a on-board computer is able to run the computational software. In addition, its flexibility permits to cope with different scenarios: it can be executed in a normal PC or Laptop but, thanks to its low computational weight, can also be executed on cheap single-board computers such as Rasberry Pi.

Visualization hardware

Our software comes with a graphical interface that has been developed for multi-platform devices. If you like, we can provide you the visualisation hardware (such as an Android-based tablet pc) that has been set-up with our newest graphical interface.

Software setup

C/C++ Software

Our software is being developed in C/C++ environment. It can be executed both in real-time mode, where the sensor data is being processed on-the-fly to compute the desired attitude or position estimated value on a real-time basis, or in post-processing mode, where the sensor samples can be first recorded and then processed in a second step.

ANavS Graphical User Interfaces

ANavS has developed two Graphical User Interfaces for its products:

a) GUI for Joint Attitude and Position Solutions

This GUI shows the current position and attitude in real-time on the very precise satellite/ aerial maps from Google Earth. Zooming in and out to any range between a few meters and a global scale is supported. The GUI also shows the complete track such that one can re-consider the performed movement. Additionally, the GUI also depicts the velocity, heading and pitch of the last 30 s. Analysis of the movement dynamics becomes trivial. The GUI also provides real-time information about the current accuracy of the position and attitude information: The phase residuals, pseudorange residuals and Doppler residuals are shown for all satellites of both GPS receivers. Another page shows the code multipath estimates for each satellite of both receivers and a skyplot.
The GUI was developed with QT and runs on all well-known operating systems including Windows, Linux, Android and Mac. The GUI is very intuitive to use and automatically downloads the relevant maps of the current environment.

b) GUI for Heading Solutions

This ANavS GUI is a very valuable software assistance for precise alignment and orientation determination of objects. The GUI includes an interactive interface that gives advice on the alignment/ orientation determination process, i.e. on how to mount the GNSS antennas on an object, on how to enter the baseline length, on how to turn the object to the desired attitude, etc. The ANavS GUI shows the current heading in an intuitive compass diagram and updates it with a rate of 5 Hz. The ANavS GUI also sets up a WLAN connection between the processor and the tablet, it logs into the processor, it starts the ANavS position and attitude determination software, it shows the current processing stage, and it gives information on how to proceed with the alignment/ orientation determination process.

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